• Mark Taylor-Gregg

    Mark Taylor-Gregg talks to us this week. Based in North Shields he is a volunteer crew member of Tynemouth RNLI Lifeboat Station. He is also an artist, he sails himself and is a dedicated family man. Mark talks to us about his love of being an artist and the connection with and legacy of his late father. He also talks about happiness in relation to his progression between careers and the courage and self knowledge needed to that. A fascinating discussion not to be missed!

  • Nikita Kaur

    This week we talk to the fabulous Nikita Kaur who works at the Angelou Centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne working with children and young people as their Children and Young Person’s Domestic Violence Advocate. She talks about the importance of play and that you’re never old to try something new. Nikita talks to us about her love of aerial, the coast and watching and discussing movies with others. 

  • Anne Iqbal

    This week Anne Iqbal from the Angelou Centre shares a moving and surprising story of growth and insight. She talks to us about her life growing up in Kenya and her journey to the UK and how she came to be in Tyneside, a place she now calls home. Anne talks about the happy community environment in which she grew up in as well as how she first recognised what unhappiness felt like and how it affected her.  

  • Pearl Saddington

    This week we talk to Pearl Saddington who is well known within the heritage sector, spending time at some of our heritage venues like Bede's World and the Old Low Light on North Shields Fish Quay. She is currently working with the National Trust based at Gibside working with volunteers and community projects. Pearl talks to us about how she has come to appreciate green spaces and the value of taking time away from your desk as well as the importance of not being afraid to say "hello" to a stranger.

  • Faye MacCalman

    This week we speak to Faye MacCalman who is a musician and composer. She writes for and leads the band Archipelago and has collaborated with a number of other North East bands and musicians including The Unthanks and Maximo Park. Faye talks to Chris about where the need to create music comes from and the happiness that it gives and why music in the community is so important.

  • Geoff Miller

    We talk to Geoff Miller this week, Dean of Newcastle. The conversation covers two distinct areas of happiness. One is partly about the work of Newcastle Cathedral itself and Geoff's own interpretations of happiness. He also tells us all about the exciting and current restoration work being done at Newcastle Cathedral which is heading towards completion. 

  • Tom Caulker

    This week we talk to Tom Caulker, who ran the famous Trent House pub for 25 years and founded World Headquarters in 1993. Tom gives a fascinating insight into what happiness (and unhappiness) means to him and how he tries to achieve it. Tom also talks about the importance of World Headquarters' multiracial & inclusive ethos and the hugely successful anti-racist Unity Festival that he was involved in establishing and why is was so important for it to take place.

  • Zoë Murtagh

    Another great episode this week with Zoë Murtagh who talks to us this week about what happiness means to her. A fascinating discussion about the colours and smells she associated with happiness as well as how the different aspects of her working life brings her joy from working with young carers to delivering freelance workshops. 

  • Amanda Gerry

    This week we talk to Amanda Gerry who is lead Regeneration Officer for the Churches Conservation Trust. She talks to us about all sorts of things including Zoom Free Fridays, the joy of campervanning, the importance of good friends and family and the happiness she gets from working with a brilliant team in her work.

  • Chris Jewitt

    Chris Jewitt talks to us this week about all things food related. Chris is founder and CEO of a community interest company called Food and Drink North East. He talks to us about his love his food and why it's important to him. The value of storytelling in the food industry and why food memories are so special.